For advancement of learning and ennoblement of life

Our aim is to help students to be their best and become highly functioning, resilient adults who can think independently and make a difference in their life. We believe that success is not about institutions or equipment but about giving individuals the opportunity and support; they need to make a difference.


Leadership team – JG Group of Colleges

JG Group of Colleges Principals
JG College of Commerce Dr. Satyajeet Deshpandeh
JG College of Physiotherapy Dr. Mihirdev Jhala
JG Institute of Business Administration
JG College of Computer Application Dr. S Pushpalatha
JG College of Education (Gujarati) Dr. Nandan Soni
JG College of Education (English) Dr. Renu Singh
JG College of Education (P.G.)
JG College of Nursing DR. Sunitha Mathew
JG College of Performing Arts Prof. Bijoy Shivram
JG Institute of LAW