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Commerce education as it is positioned today in India or abroad demonstrates itself in various forms ranging from specific to general studies. Instruction in such a broad canvas involves academic rigor, insightful response to contemporary events, and the acumen of local relevance and global value to transcend space and time barriers. All these calls for continuous quality and relevant inputs.JG College of Commerce offers a wide array of services exclusively to JG students, including career workshops and guidance, employer connections, and more. Students are initiated to a world of opportunities to participate in a wide range of student and faculty run activities, clubs, associations, experiential learning competitions, conferences — all of which that helps them to meet new people, practice various skills, develop as a leader and to evolve personally and professionally.JG College of Commerce offers B. Com and M. Com programs that are fully recognized and accredited by NAAC with B+ Grade. It is also 9001:2000 certified and has 2(F) accreditations by UGC.


JG Institute of Business Administration is one of its kinds of Business college with a unique management approach on a project driven mode of education based on real-time industry problems. The program aims to facilitate the students with the essential knowledge to enable them to secure a placement of their choice or become energetic entrepreneurs. The program focuses on helping students identify and develop their leadership potential in management and leadership practices through industry and competitive analysis.The students are encouraged to become confident in decision-making; resilient and adaptable when change is required, along with the ability to develop their personal and social responsibilities to stakeholders. JG Institute of Business Administration offers a challenging, fast-paced &well-rounded program with a combination of globalization and technology– orientation.Our faculty, students, and alumni spawn big ideas, back them up with brilliant analysis, and turn them into favorable solutions that work.A Program Advisory Committee, consisting of university officials and a team of employers, provides input to ensure the program is accurate and up-to-date on business trends, new technologies, and employer expectations.AtJG Institute of Business Administration,you will graduate with a remarkable network that will follow you long after graduation.


Imagine theory, add practical training, state-of-the-art labs, and innovative spaces and you will unleash creative and entrepreneurial skills. The program offered by JG College of Computer Application is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of employment opportunities within the vigorous, powerful, and ever-growing field of computers. Graduates of this program are ignited to develop and test computer programs to ensure secure implementation of integrated solutions along with up-to-date skills and mastery to succeed in a broad range of employment settings, in diverse sectors, and in both large and small organizations. Our faculty are accomplished professionals, highly accessible, teach a vast range of topics, and have developed strong research methods that provide many opportunities to our students. In all we do, we are driven to delve within, push further, and ask bigger questions—and to leverage our knowledge to enrich society and people. No matter your ultimate career goal, joining JG College of Computer Application is the first leap toward mastering success. We provide the tools necessary to achieve a tomorrow-proof future, professionally and personally. We know you are eager. The future belongs to those who claim it first.


Home to dreamers, innovators, and nonconformists, JG College of Performing Arts offers a new model of education that helps students carve their career path. There has to be a place for artists to connect, collaborate and create. We are that place. A risk-taking conservatory where ancient traditions shake hand with the contemporary talent of the future. The college nurtures a flamboyant artistic environment where graduate and postgraduate -level performers and composers realize their highest artistic potential with internationally distinguished artists. No matter what academic program you choose, you’ll have golden opportunities to put what you’ve learned in your lessons and flaunt it on stage. Here, talent is not viewed as a “threat,” but as a God-given gift to be recognized, acknowledged, and celebrated with respect and joy. Join this distinctive, passionate, and spirited community that provides society with great verve, new perspectives, and fresh ways of thinking. It is a college that has the master and the masterpiece in one frame.


Nursing is a profession, in which one is devoted to care and assist another in a way that supports society's deepest and urgent needs. At JG College of Nursing, we provide a transformative learning experience that opens the door to a rewarding career. The college boasts of expert faculty, state-of-the-art clinical simulation labs, and clinical placement opportunities that provide students with the best possible nursing education in our communities. JG College of Nursing is diligently engaged in preparing nurses who are ready to meet the complex needs of people in regional, and remote communities. Our faculty combine an appreciation of the human sciences with personal philosophical interpretations associated with a reflective practice that extends deep into their working lives. We aspire to stimulate the hearts and minds of students, so they are endowed to engage with questions of meaning, suffering, pain, reconciliation, and growth in our collective contribution to person-centered, unbiased healthcare. We promote a culture of accountability, partnership, heterogeneity, integrity, recognition, resilience, and philanthropy. At JG College of Nursing, you have every opportunity to fully flourish and thrive.


JG College of Physiotherapy offers world-class education with many of its courses having international stature. The college is imbued with a spirit to experiment, a commitment to impact, and a dedication to energize tomorrow’s professionals who share a personalized and transformational student experience. We create a young generation of professional leaders, committed to health equity and integrate the best available evidence in patient-centered management offering a standard quality of life within an enterprising health system. JG College of Physiotherapy is a top echelon physiotherapy college committed to distinction and merit in academics. We select and train competent individuals to become round-the-clock physical therapists. Students are trained to provide care to a variety of patients, under the direct supervision of the Institute head and faculty. They tackle complex patient and client problems, supported by the latest technology and ultra-modern facilities. Patients include those with chronic conditions across the lifespan. The employment prospects for physiotherapy graduates are robust. Here, you are part of a world-changing community—people pushing the limits of academics and beyond, all supported by the eminence and global connections it takes to make a difference.

JG College Of Education


Today there is a critical need for valiant and determined leaders in classrooms and schools, in higher education, government, and the private sector who can act as proficient mentors and advocates for education. The program offered by JG College of Education is formed to support this next generation of education leaders. JG College of Education offers programs in multidisciplinary subjects that empower students to reimagine and collectively reshape the education landscape through research, policy, and practice. We value teaching as a highly competitive and challenging vocation. It is our purpose to help all our students develop reflective perceptiveness through hope, courage, patience, reverence, humility, gratitude, compassion, mindfulness, and a love for aesthetics. These ‘virtue pathways’ are our definite goal post to the teaching profession. It is this trailblazing spirit that makes JG College of Education, one of the most prominent and respected Educational Institutions of Gujarat. JG College of Education is the only English medium B. Ed college affiliated with Gujarat University.


In a crowded law college landscape, JG Institute of Law stands apart. It is one of Gujarat’s premier law colleges, offering an unparalleled environment of excellence, a stimulating intellectual life, and an abundance of opportunities to engage with the law. Our approach to education is uniquely student-centric, clearly defined by the needs and ambitions of future graduates. And the privileges extend beyond law school, resulting in the practice-ready skills employers demand, better chances at prestigious clerkships, and support when you’re ready to launch a career. JG Institute of Law is a front runner and trendsetter in legal education, and an exciting place of learning that values ideas, objectives, excellence, and intellectual exchange. We admit, support, teach and examine a diverse, keen, and outstanding body of students from all parts of Gujarat. The course is academically challenging and rewarding, undertaken in an exceptionally inspiring environment, and rigorously taught by some of the leading experts.