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About JG Group

JG Group of Colleges is a generally little, coeducational, private colleges arranged in an expansive and complex college. These conditions work to the benefit of our understudies, who frequently appreciate the individual, individual consideration that exclusive a little school can give and, in the meantime, go to classes that offer an amazing exhibit of scholarly difficulties and prizes.

JG Group of Colleges has had the best broad instruction educational programs in the nation for the greater part a century.This normal educational module has made and maintained a group of talk imparted by the present student’s body to eras of graduated class.


 Utilizing the Power of Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Sharing for Contributing to the Global Literacy Mission - There has always been a lack of knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing in the countries suffering with poverty. JG Group of Colleges has taken a decision to implement the power of knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing practically on ground with a pure intention of social cause and human welfare interest. The core value of our educational institution teaches us, Social Responsibility of Sharing the Knowledge and Transferring the Knowledge to Needy Should be the Largest Social Responsibility of Every Global Citizen. As a result, we have taken the final decision to abide by our core values, by practically implementing it on ground, rather than theoretically just speaking about it. We hope that every member including the students of JG Group of Colleges; will honestly, genuinely and effectively contribute towards achievement of this vision. We all promise to try our best by transforming this vision; to a practical and real truth.


Our missions includes below 10 points of importance:

  1. To deliver unique and exclusive education in a unique and exclusive manner. 
  2. To deliver something that helps to redefine the definition of way of educating.
  3. To deliver something which is practical, and which can possibly be implemented on ground.
  4. To help the students to attain the best and to help the trainers to deliver the best.
  5. To expose the educational privacy such that economical barriers become helpless.
  6. To eradicate every obstacle responsible for creating obstruction in the flow of education.
  7. To deliver an equal treatment to the most needy and the most wealthy.
  8. To create and maintain a balance of racial equality amongst every concerned person.
  9. To maintain an equal balance between quality of education and cost of education.
  10. To enter into a millennia, where combination of technology with education creates history.


Below are the goals to which we strictly adhere. Rules are meant to follow.

  1. Provide a significant and reasonable general instruction for all understudies. Evaluate understudy learning results in logical/basic deduction and quantitative thinking; oral and composed correspondence; and data proficiency.
  2. Provide profession projects to get ready understudies to enter the workforce and address workforce issues. Evaluate understudy learning results at the course and program level. Consistently assess and overhaul courses, educational module, and projects.
  3. Provide formative instruction for under prepared understudies. Keep on implementing approaches that encourage the advance of understudies through the formative grouping. Evaluate understudies achievement in school level courses.
  4. Provide courses and projects that support deep rooted learning and are receptive to the necessities of business and industry. Assess and redesign courses and projects, in light of distinguished needs.
  5. Develop, energise, and bolster powerful and innovative ways to deal with instructing and learning. Frequently evaluate understudy learning results.



JG Group of Colleges grasps the underneath fundamental institutional qualities that guide the satisfaction of our Vision and Mission:

  1. Helping each student to make progress is our most astounding need. We are focused on advancing an atmosphere of understudy achievement and to giving a domain helpful for instructing and learning; making and growing instructive open doors and bolster administrations are both fundamental to our main goal.
  2. We are focused on the most noteworthy benchmarks of fatuousness in whatever we do; we represent this incentive by giving projects and administrations that guarantee magnificence in instructing and learning, student related administrations, and hierarchical productivity.
  3. We are focused on upgrading and advancing engagement of students by completely captivating our students as dynamic learners and by giving a wide scope of instructive encounters both inside and outside the classroom.
  4. We are focused on profitable trades with all individuals from the College people group and collegian connections among our different partners. We are focused on empowering municipal engagement and supporting financial advancement in the locale.
  5. We are focused on a different situation that backings an evenhanded training for the majority of our understudies and stresses regard for different societies and individual contrasts. We look to set up associations and connections locally, broadly, and comprehensively.


JG Group of Colleges continuously endeavours to equip the students with the right skill and attitude that would help to develop maturity, understanding and wisdom. One can only foresee that the efforts of Management, faculty members and students will help carve a niche for itself soon.